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creative movement classes
@ goddard pre-school

welcome!  we are so thrilled to have the opportunity to enrich your child’s pre-school experience with creative movement, dance, and fun!  


we look forward to welcoming with with open arms to our family.  each tuesday we will hold our creative movement class in the goddard gymnasium during school hours, however you will also be considered a part of our studio family a large.  your child’s class will participate in our sweet, low-key, stress-free, very fun dance recital in june, and you will be included in all of the same communication our studio family receives regarding studio updates, and recital information.  upon registration, you will receive a welcome packet with information regarding closings, attire, and other important information.





trial class

sept 11 

session begins

sept 18

creative movement is a fun and stimulating class that introduces young children to the fundamentals of dance. This class begins with an imaginative warm-up set to age-appropriate and fun music. This is followed by an across-the-floor series of basic movements, including hopping, marching, skipping, and jumping, through which children imitate different animal movements and dance patterns to help build strength, flexibility, and coordination. As the class progresses, dance vocabulary is introduced. Children also learn about rhythm and timing, working with others, following directions, discipline, and coordination. This class is a wonderful place to start for any child who loves music, movement, and being creative. We promote an inclusive and loving environment to nurture the creative spirit in every young dancer!

please reach out if you ever need anything & connect with us on our social networks!

Thanks! Message sent.

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