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Welcome back Sukha family!!


We hope you all had a beautiful Winter Break filled with laughs, family time, and lots and lots of fun.Tomorrow is our first day back to school after Winter Break, and my oh my we couldn't be more excited!


First off, we'd like to officially welcome to the family Gemma Sophie DeLorenzo who was born over the break. Congratulations DeLorenzo family, and to Dylan who can now proudly carry the title Big Brother<3. We wish you happiness, health and all the love in the world.


As we move into the second half of the year we have some super exciting things on the agenda and wanted to share what's on the horizon.



With the warmer weather just around the corner (fingers crossed) it's time to get our exploration game on. With beautiful parks right around the corner, and clearings overlooking the water it would be a shame not to take advantage! So we'll be exploring, going on nature walks, having walking lessons and enjoying the beauty around us. The lovely Sam & Riley will be available to assist Miss Kelly on these walks but we'll also be sending out email notifications in case any parent volunteers would like to join us!



Here are the second half of year closures and important dates!

April 15th-22nd Closed for Spring Break

May 30th Closed for Memorial Day

Last day- June 17th


On June 17th save the date for a moving up ceremony and class party!! More info to come!



We are beginning to plan a mini field trip for the pod family! This week we will be sending out an email with a save the date and exact details of the when and where! Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox.



Here at Sukha we have an open door policy, meaning whenever you want to chat or meet, we're here! Miss Kelly is always available to schedule a parent conference to chat about the progress of your child. Please always feel free to reach out if you'd like to schedule a one on one! Gina will sit in, take notes and send recaps to parents and to Miss Kelly to make sure nothing gets lost in the flow of conversation.


As always thank you for being the absolute best and being part of this beautiful community.

Love, The Entire Sukha Team

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