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This week at Sukha we have lots of fun festivities going on and we are SO EXCITED!!!


In our pod mom group message we have been coordinating gifts to the classroom. Feel free to drop these off any day at drop off or pick up and we'll keep them in the office safe and sound until Thursday. After lunch on Thursday we will have some dedicated time in the classroom and open our new additions (lots of pictures to come!).


We've also been chatting about bringing an item or two to build up our class dress up bin. We'd like to unveil this new free play tool and would love any additions you may have! Our intention for these dress up items is for the children to use their imagination and expressive side to take social risks. Think less batman costume and more a white coat that could be a doctor, vet or maybe even a teacher... Miss Kelly is looking for fun colors, textures, etc. Again these can be dropped at the studio any day....and we can continue to build our dress up collection for the rest of the year incase you see something fun at grandma's house, etc.


Before our gift exchange in class we will be going on a little lunch field trip for pizza to our local restaurant Cork and Crust. Miss Caitlin & Miss Gina will spend the afternoon talking about table manners, how to use our cloth napkins, how to order at a restaurant. Please send your child with $7 before Thursday, and feel free to send your little one dressed in his or hers favorite attire :)


A gift for Miss Kelly;

Gina and I are working on a little keepsake for Miss Kelly this year as a little reminder of all she gives us and our children, since we know it's her love language. :) -- If you could take a moment and reply to this email with a few things you can attribute to the classroom and Miss Kelly that your child has come home with. It can be social emotional growth, academic achievements, or some fun memories they have shared with you. We will compile the responses in a keepsake book for Miss Kelly.


Lastly, update on Miss Kelly's gift from the class-- I was able to coordinate a two night stay at the Catskills cabin we talked about on our mama pod text chain. My friend was gracious enough to fit our budget for a weekend stay, the cleaning fee takes us a little bit over budget, but I'm going to take care of that cost -- I'll prepare a cute gift card message, and sign from all of us!!


Thank you as always for making the magic that happens here at Sukha possible.


With so much love, Christine & The Entire Team

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