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Hi Sukha family!


First day back to school, what a BLAST!! We had the most fun, and so many laughs during our first day.


Let's share some wins;


Our first day back to school was filled with nothing but smiles! There were no tears and everyone walked into class with a smile on their face and ready for some learning!


The weather was beautiful!! We had outdoor free play and a lovely picnic together!


We got to know the classroom! Today we had a decent amount of free play to really explore, see where we keep the puzzles, check out the library in the class and get a feel for our surroundings. I think its safe to say everyone knows where to find the legos and the yarn (fan favorites).


There was some teamwork! During puzzle time we saw some serious teamwork unfolding! Each and every student was engaged and helping each other find the pieces that fit just right to complete the puzzle. What a heartwarming way to start the morning.


A few things we're still working on;


We learned that everyone seems to love the classroom SO MUCH that it inspires a few quick laps around the room as fast as they can go! We'll work on saving all of our running for outside and movement time!! We'll be chatting about classroom safety this month, including no running inside of the classroom.


It's the first day with so many new faces, this week we'll be focusing on learning our teachers names and our classmates names. Before you know it we'll have a room full of best friends!


Remembering to use our inside voices. Have you ever been so happy that you have to let out a little scream or a loud YAYYYY!!!!!!! There were a few of those today, which honestly put giant smiles on faces. Nonetheless we'll start to chat about inside voices while we're inside the class or when we visit place like the library!


Fun Fact


Gina & Caitlin, some of our friendly admin team LOVEEE to play around with photography! They'll be popping in class every so often to get some candid pics of your little ones to put in the photo album or send to Grandma. For now we asked our educators to snap a few just to give you a sneak peak of the day :)


We'll be uploading all our pictures from the year in a dropbox folder for easy access.



p.s Our parent vault should be live in the next day or so! Thank you for patience while we put the finishing touches on!



Day one in the books!!!


xoxo, Christine & Gina

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