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Hello Sukha fam! We have a few things on the horizon and wanted to loop you in!



The novelty of having help yourself snacks in the classroom has begun to wear off, and we have begun to get a sense of our snack needs! We are proposing this snack schedule and will keep you in the loop if things change, and as always just let us know if you need to switch/can't bring snack on your week! Please bring two pounds when it is your turn. Thank you!!


Colton- week of Oct 4th

Stella-week of Oct 11th

Dylan- week of Oct 18th

Conor-week of Oct 25th

Emi- week of Nov 1st

Camden- week of Nov 8th

Dante- week of Nov 15th



In forming this pod, our vision is to create community amongst the children but also model community amongst our incredible parent group. We spoke at our orientation about coming together to work on a project to model collaboration and community and give the kids a real true sense of pride and accomplishment, essentially boosting their self esteem and confidence. Miss Kelly and team decided a great project would be to build a fence together encasing our front yard, which could then be used as a play space and project area for the children. We're not thinking anything crazy... but instead thinking a simple 2-3 hour morning together. We would also love to break bread together as family, and would love to couple this day with a pot luck lunch. -- This of course is not required, but we just love the idea of the enrichment opportunity for everyone. Please click on this 10 second survey link and let us know if you're interested and when you're free.


We love you, and are so grateful to be doing this together for our children,



Love, Christine, Gina + Kelly

P.S.- Check out the dropbox for more adorable pictures! This week John the crossing guard paid us a visit! Next week a firefighter will be joining us, yay!

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