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creative movement

Creative movement is a fun and stimulating class that introduces young children to the fundamentals of dance. This class begins with an imaginative warm-up set to age-appropriate and fun music. This is followed by an across-the-floor series of basic movements, including hopping, marching, skipping, and jumping, through which children imitate different animal movements and dance patterns to help build strength, flexibility, and coordination. As the class progresses, dance vocabulary is introduced. Children also learn about rhythm and timing, working with others, following directions, discipline, and coordination. This class is a wonderful place to start for any child who loves music, movement, and being creative. We promote an inclusive and loving environment to nurture the creative spirit in every young dancer!


combo classes

Combination classes are designed to further develop a child’s natural love for movement and music. The combination of two movement styles in one hour of instruction allows young dancers to explore more of what they love. The basic elements of pre-ballet and creative movement are reinforced during these classes, as well as new aspects of movement particular to the class style (acro, jazz, hip-hop, tap, etc.). Our combo classes are jam-packed with energy and excitement! Working on two dance styles in one hour allows our instructors to get creative in their approach to teaching. It's also a great way for young students to try a new style of dance while still pairing it with one they already know and love.


The class is structured like a traditional ballet class: students begin at the ballet barre to warm up their muscles and practice correct alignment. Next, in center, students practice turns, small jumps, and adage (slow, sustained movements), which make the dancer think about the lines they are creating with their body and test the dancers' balance. The class ends with grand allegro (big jumps), and a reverence (bows) much like the adage. Students are systematically taught traditional ballet exercises at the barre and center floor, progressing toward more complex combinations as the levels increase. Much emphasis is placed on the correct body alignment, turn-out, coordination of arm, head and leg movements, and musical awareness. Pointe/pre-pointe classes are offered upon an invitation based on individual strength and maturity.​ We highly recommend that students take ballet class in addition to any other dance classes in order to improve technique, strength, and alignment. Proper technique is the core of all other movement styles!


Jazz class consists of three main parts: warm up and stretch, across-the-floor, and center or combinations. Jazz class is high energy and a lot of fun. Dancers should be prepared to jump, turn, kick, and have a blast. Music used in jazz class can vary from popular music you'd hear on the radio (like Beyoncé) to classic Broadway show tunes to Micheal Bublé! Beginner level jazz class includes stretches, isolations, pliés, barre work, and simple choreographed combinations. Intermediate jazz classes include the beginning material executed at a quicker tempo. Also included are turns, jumps, and leaps. Advanced jazz classes work on more complex combinations, as well as the development of style and control. Class is designed to increase body control and coordination.



Contemporary is a newer style that incorporates the essence of lyrical, jazz, and ballet technique fused with stylistic choices from the choreographer. Contemporary dance can range from slow and controlled to fast-paced, upbeat movement. Generally, contemporary dance encourages artistic expression and emotional content while building grace and fluidity of movement. Students learn musical interpretation through sustained extensions and expressive emotion.​ The goal of contemporary class is to prepare the mind and body of the dancer for a wide range of movement possibilities: forms, qualities, or dynamics. That’s why you can find contemporary dancers to be skilled in different kinds of dance, like hip-hop, modern, or jazz.

hip-hop & breakdancing

Hip-hop refers to dance styles, mainly street dance, set to hip-hop and popular music. Teachers include different genres of hip-hop like popping, locking, groove, funk, and club movement. This class is high-energy, so be ready to work hard and sweat! Many of the new styles of hip-hop are seen in today's music videos and are very popular with children and teens. In this style of dance, students learn the importance of precision, rhythm, timing, and the difference between soft and sharp movements.


Our modern classes range from Horton, Cunningham, and Graham techniques so that our students can experience a variety of different modern forms that are current in the dance world. Movement is based on specific technique and arrangemen​ts. ​Another characteristic of modern dance in opposition to ballet is the deliberate use of gravity. While classical ballet dancers strive to be light and airy on their feet, modern dancers often use their body weight to enhance movement. Often times, new movement or steps are created by the teacher. Modern dance embraces unique movements that are not seen in jazz or ballet. 



Tap classes are offered beginning at age 6. Tap teaches an awareness of beat, timing, syncopation, and rhythm. Classes begin with a fun warm-up focusing on technique and weight shifts. This gives students the ability to refine their listening skills as well as build and strengthen their tap sounds, quality, and style. At the end of each class, students will learn a combination that incorporates the lessons covered. The routine will challenge students rhythmically and musically, while giving them an opportunity to learn and expand upon their tap vocabulary.



Arco, or acrobatics, teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline, and concentration. This class will focus on fundamental acrobatic technique. Students will learn handstands, chin stands, elbow stands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers, balance, and contortion tricks. Acro is not the typical tumbling or gymnastics class. This class is great for students looking to enhance their agility, flexibility, and strength.


theater jazz

Focusing on giving meaning to movement, this high energy, exciting, and engaging musical theater class will explore a variety of styles within the American Musical Repertoire. This class will teach students how to tell a story through their movements, one that any audience can understand, interpret, and relate to. By giving students a basic dance warm-up, incorporating common acting techniques, and learning  the fundamentals of classic musicals, this class is sure to generate an overall well-rounded individual for the stage or screen.​​

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